Marine Kickboxing is a kickboxing facility that promotes fitness, healthy living and confidence in yourself.  Both instructors Hillary and Kerry have been training in Muay Thai and Kickboxing for the last 8 years and have both competed locally in both Muay Thai and Kickboxing.  Both have also been certified by world class striking coach Henri Hooft in his HKickboxing system.

After starting to compete locally in 2011, both Hillary and Kerry began teaching in 2013.  Since 2013 both have continued to compete locally while teaching full time.  During that time they both went through the grading system of Henri Hooft.  After training with Henri here in Canada and flying down to Florida to train with him there, they have become the only HKickboxing certified instructors in Canada. They have been teaching HKickboxing to their students for the last 4 years.

Marine Kickboxing combines the HKickboxing system with Hillary and Kerry’s knowledge of training. It is applicable to both those who are strictly training for a hobby or fitness and those training with goals of one day competing. Marine Kickboxing’s slogan, Train Like a Marine, is not only a clever play on words, as it is Kerry’s last name, but also the type of training you will receive.  Marine Kickboxing is the gym for anyone who is looking for an inclusive space to train or just exercise in.  Everyone is welcome to stop by and get Training Like a Marine!!